About Andy

Andy Berg grew up in the Chicago area.  He graduated in 1996 from Niles North High School in Skokie, receiving the Iron Viking award for competing in 3 sports each year.  He attended Oakton Community College and Northern Illinois University, where he joined the ROTC.  His love of football inspired him to become a certified coach, and he spent a season as an assistant coach at Geneva High School in Illinois.  Andy is currently a Sergeant First Class in the Army National Guard, serving as the 2nd Battalion 122nd Field Artillery Master Gunner and has served in Afghanistan and two state side deployments.  He has been a Correctional Sergeant for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections for 11 years.  Andy will be serving his 2nd term on the Kenosha County Board of Supervisors (District 10).  Andy is the father of three wonderful children (Kaelie 12 yrs. old), Toryn (10 yrs. old), Addison (4 yrs. old) and husband to Mercy (1997 graduate of Wilmot High School). He also operates, with Mercy, a local non-profit garden where all of the harvest is donated to local shelters and pantries.




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